Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I'm BAAAAACK! Beginning of my Monster Hunter International project.

It's been a long while since I updated the old Blog.  In fact it's been a long while since I stepped into my little paint room to work on some hobby fun.

But, it's all a changing!

I've seemed to recapture the mood to mess around with my weird little toys once again....

I think I'll do a REBOOT of the blog and concentrate more on specific areas of what I want to do with my hobby, more of a focused approach.

First, is a 'gaming world' inspired very very heavily by the MONSTER HUNTER INTERNATIONAL book series.  If you've not  read them, there are currently five books out in this excellent series, written by Larry Correia.   In a nutshell, monsters are real, folks hunt them for bounties, madness ensues.  I highly recommend the books (or better yet, the Audible Version of them).  They can be a bit cheesy at times, but overall just fun 'action movie' style reading.  I'm sure I'll blabber more about them as I work on my project.

First up for my MHI setting are the Monster Control Bureau.  This is the arm of the government that actively pursues and tries to quell any monster related badness.  The Government has decided that the public does NOT need to know about the existence and goes to great lengths to dissuade witnesses or victims from speaking out (up to and including death).

"You saw nothing."
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These were great figures to get back into the swing of painting.  I wanted simple, and that's what I got.    I did these guys in the traditional Men In Black type scheme.  They are nothing special, just at a gaming standard, but it marks the first time I've painted in almost 3 years!!  So, to me, they seem to be a bit of a milestone.

The figures are from EM4 Miniatures.  Old sculpts by Marc Copplestone, I think, and they are cheap and hold up surprisingly well, even by modern sculpting standards.  These particular guys will just  be the 'common Agents' of the MCB.  Agents working the field to stop monsters and intimidate witnesses.

One of my favorite parts of making a gaming project fit within a particular story is searching for and finding miniatures that will represent the characters.  As I progress with this new blog direction, I hope to show you my planning process, conversion, and selection of miniatures for the characters I want to portray.

Here's some art that was used in the Monster Hunters International Role Playing Game just to show a bit more flavor of the series.

"Down Boy"

Anyhow, I'm excited about this project and a few others I'm stewing over, so please watch this space!


Allison M. said...

I've never heard of MHI, it sounds pretty interesting. I love that last piece of concept art, the kukri maybe gives him a fighting chance against that wolf!

I'm actually reading one of Charles Stross' "Laundry" series right now, about the UK's oh-so-secret paranormal defense department who use computational demonology ("magic is really exotic mathematics") to defend against Lovecraftian horrors encroaching from beyond spacetime etc. It's fun.

supervike said...

Hiya Allison!

I've read the first book in the Laundry series, and really enjoyed it. I'll have to dig into the rest.

Another in that same vein is called The Rook by Daniel O'Malley. Incredibly fun.

Henriette said...

U R really crazy and awesome, mate. Good job and keep going. ;) I love MHI.

supervike said...

Thanks!! I've taken a small break from it, since summertime is so much busier, but I'll be back at it soon!! I love the MHI world too, such a great universe.