Sunday, March 27, 2011

Random Weird Stuff...

Hola Amigo's!

Couple of strangeness minis here.  First up, from Frothers UK, are a couple of Tank-like (Left 4 Dead) zombies.

They are mounted on bases from Fenris.

Next we have some Lovecraftian monstrosities.

The Son of Yog-Sothoth from Tengu Models

And a close-up of Reaper's Star Spawn (don't tell anyone, it's Cthulhu!)

Not sure why, but all of a sudden I'm craving Calamari.

All the minis were painted using a base color, followed by tons of washes.  I was really just experimenting with it, as it seems to work well for dead or pulpy skin.  Plus, it speeds up the process instead of using the base-shadow- highlight routine.  As I figure these are just 'gaming minis' I'm satisfied with the technique.

Spend most of the day yesterday organizing and cleaning my 'hobby room'.  It's amazing how much crap accumulates in a short while.  Now, if I could only figure out a way to organize my paints, I'd be in better shape.