Friday, May 13, 2011

Wyrd Malifaux (again)

EDIT!  Friday the 13th must be weaving weird magic here!  Now, the post that had disappeared, just randomly reappeared.  I'm leaving well enough alone!!!  Enjoy the double post! LOL

Yikes! What the heck happened?

I posted yesterday with a set of Wyrd Malifaux miniatures, and that post is completely gone.  Like it never happened.

Well...I guess I'll try again!

Here's the battlegroup I worked on as a commission.  One of the minis was still drying from the Dullcote when I snapped this picture.  It ended up being a rush job at the end, so I never really got a chance for decent pictures.

They were actually pretty darn fun to paint.  I enjoyed the big Teddy bear much more than I thought I would.  I sculpted the little toys for his base as well.

Now, with that under my belt, I'm returning back to some of my own stuff, currently working on the British M-13 Commandos from Grindhouse Games. 

I mentioned earlier (before the mysterious deletion) that I've now completed 33 minis this year, which is far and away a better pace than I've had for quite some time.

Apologies to HakoMike for leaving a nice comment only to have it too vanish into the ether.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wyrd Malifaux

I've been working on a Malifaux set as a commission.  I meant to take good photos, but it ended up being a rush job at the end, as the client wanted to use them for a tournament coming up very soon...So I never got a chance to take a proper pic of them all....just this one:

Click it to make it bigger!

Not the greatest pic, but shows off the goodies pretty well.  One was missing from this pic, as that one was drying from the dullcote while I snapped this pic.  I kinda liked the way the heart turned out on that lovable Teddy.  The heart is just a flat spot, but the client wanted it to look like a heart of ice...The toys on the bears base were all self sculpted...the little duckie being my favorite.  I also liked the little girl, Candy, turned out.  I went for a 'Wednesday Addams' feel to her.

Anyhow, a couple of things I learned from this commission.  One, two weeks isn't enough time for me! Two, I'm probably charging way too little.  Still, I enjoyed it and had fun with it, which is the reason I'm into painting miniatures in the first place. 

Including these minis, I've now finished 33 minis this year.  Quite an achievement for me, as that probably doubles my output in recent years. 

So, now I'll be getting back to my own stuff.  Working on the Incursion British Commandos, and looking foward to moving more minis from the 'to be painted' pile to the 'completed' pile.

Thanks for reading!