Friday, January 01, 2016

2016 has begun! Myers, Stark and others.

Happy New Year, Monster Hunters!

A brand new year, and I'm still plodding along with my Monster Hunter International project.

A couple of important characters from the Monster Control Bureau are up today.

Slight spoilers ahead.

Special Agent Dwayne Myers is a well trusted and effective Agent in the first book, and becomes the interim Director of the MCB at one point.  He takes his job very seriously, and even though the folks at MHI don't always see eye to eye with him, they do grant him a grudging respect.  He is described as a thin man who immediately reminds you of a college English professor, rather than a Agent of a clandestine organization.  Even Agent Franks respects and trusts Myers, one of the few humans he does.

Stark and Myers, Directors
 Special Agent Douglas Stark, on the other hand, is neither well respected or trusted.  A effective bureaucrat, he was once a Navy SEaL, and was able to transfer those skills to a position in the Bureau.  He finally gets his due, or so it seems, as he is named the Director of the organization, over Myers.  While Stark thinks it is because of his acumen, it's really because he's easily controlled, especially by yet another shadowy organization pulling the strings.  Stark is a bulldog of a man, a bit over his prime, but still solidly built.

I used a Hasslefree mini for Stark, adding the double chin and some belly fat.  For Myers, I used a rumpled looking fellow from Rafm.  I think they both work pretty good for what I imagine the characters to look like.

Some works in progress now:

The Shacklefords.  Bubba Shackleford started his Monster Hunter International group in 1895, and it's been run by a Shackleford ever since.  I've started on Julie, Susan, and Ray.

Julie, is a fantastic sniper and the company's lead contract negotiator.  She's effective and dangerous as both.  I'm almost done here, but need to figure out how to put some eyeglasses on her, and add a smiley face patch.

Susan and Ray, Julie's parents, were once well loved and respected members of the Family and company.  But, monster hunting is a dangerous business, and without giving too much away here, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Just a bit more to do on Susan, and a lot more to do on Ray.  The models aren't perfect for what I pictured the husband and wife team, but they work well for modern vampires.  Julie is a Statuesque mini, while the other two are made by Reaper.

Last up are some Wyrd miniatures that I'm planning on using as Deep Ones.  I started out really liking them, but the more I paint them, the harder they are to finish.  I'm not digging my scheme here, as I was going for more 'froglike' than fish.  Still, I thought maybe posting them will give me the will to push through and finish them!

Anyhow, so it seems now I've got more Works In Progess than I do finished minis!  I've also still got Owen Pitt to finish, and that Digger I was working on.

Still, I'm having a great time with this project and looking forward to continuing!

Thanks for reading!  See you soon.