Sunday, May 28, 2006

Humble Beginnings...

I don't normally get to work on my hobby stuff everyday, too much going on in real life, but this weekend, I did squeeze a bit here and there.

First, is the very cool Demo-bot for the Alpha Forge game...only partially assembled here, but the cleaning of each part (moldlines, filing) does take a while...

He is missing his head, the other arm, some great big roboty hands, and some shielding that goes by each shoulder...He'll get them soon.

Also, and this doesn't look like much, I decided to scratchbuild a "dropship" for the little motley crew I am assembling. Basically, the picture below is just the humble beginnings. Just two pieces of styrofoam inserts, one from a computer box, the other from a printer maintenence kit.
I stuck these together with some 'gorilla glue'. My goal is to build this strictly with junk and things I find, or already have. So far the money total is zero. Let's see if I can keep it that way.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Of course, I may be a bit more productive if I didn't work in such clutter.... Sometimes it takes me a minute just to find the right paint, or a different brush....Although it does look like a complete shambles, there is a bit of organized chaos...I won't even point out the fact that this is just the work table, you should see the rest of the room....eeek!!

Some Progress....

I have gotten the next four minis prepped and based. They are now primered too, but the pics don't show that.

I added a bit of green stuff to the muzzle of the big guys gun, to represent a blast. The characters are as follows....Oliver Deboise, the overly nervous technical guru. He has began to learn his craft at an alarming rate. The Wardroid (not named yet). With the addition of Oliver's new AI program, this refurbished droid is becoming quite the project. JR Tannenbaum, the biker like expert salvager. Very mysterious past, this very gruff fellow does get the job done. And the heavy hitting do gooder, Rocky Leskow equipped in the HADES battle armor.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Alpha Forge Salvage Run contest.

Alpha Forge ( has sponsored a painting contest designed to get a fighting force of miniatures painted and ready for battle.

The contest is broken into three seperate entries, each highlighting a certain aspect of the skirmish game Star Mogul. The game is a futuristic battle game within the backdrop of forces fighting for salvaged items left by long gone civilizations. Each player owns a company, and the company comprises of your fighting force.

The first installment of the contest was for the 'Boss and Shareholder' characters of your force.

I entered these two...

The first is Maddie Sanchez, my "boss" the strange lizard like guy to the right is the Hydrissian 'Deeno'. He is the company shareholder and enforcer. The painting was fun, but so far the most enjoyable part has been creating the 'stats' and back story for each character.

The next installment is due by June 30th, and comprises of the companies 'Infantry' forces. I have already started mine, I'll have some WIP shots soon.


I thought I'd start a bit of a Blog, just to keep track of my hobby projects.