Friday, May 26, 2006

Alpha Forge Salvage Run contest.

Alpha Forge ( has sponsored a painting contest designed to get a fighting force of miniatures painted and ready for battle.

The contest is broken into three seperate entries, each highlighting a certain aspect of the skirmish game Star Mogul. The game is a futuristic battle game within the backdrop of forces fighting for salvaged items left by long gone civilizations. Each player owns a company, and the company comprises of your fighting force.

The first installment of the contest was for the 'Boss and Shareholder' characters of your force.

I entered these two...

The first is Maddie Sanchez, my "boss" the strange lizard like guy to the right is the Hydrissian 'Deeno'. He is the company shareholder and enforcer. The painting was fun, but so far the most enjoyable part has been creating the 'stats' and back story for each character.

The next installment is due by June 30th, and comprises of the companies 'Infantry' forces. I have already started mine, I'll have some WIP shots soon.

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