Sunday, March 13, 2016

Werewolves, orc, and Digger.

Just in time to 'spring forward', a few werewolves have stopped in to create havok.

Monster Hunter Spoilers ahead...

Deputy Heather Kerkonen is a competent law enforcement officer in Copper Lake during the third book in the series, ALPHA.  Unfortunately, for her, that's ground zero for the Werewolf apocalypse.
She gets bit, but, instead of turning into a slavering beast, she transforms into a werewolf that still has control.

Kerkonen, described as a red werewolf, ends up getting conscripted into the super secret Project Unicorn.  She's forced to complete two years of servitude in a monsterized tactical squad.

I used a Reaper miniature for her, and plan to also do a humanized version of the Deputy.
I also used a Reaper miniature for the 2nd werewolf I worked on this week.  This one is designed as a 'zombie' werewolf, but I'm going to use it as just a werewolf that has been through a vicious fight.  Werewolves can be killed by dishing out massive damage, as long as you can overcome the insane healing factor.

And this guy is right at the edge, being really ripped up.  In honor of that, I decided to name him Cecil Huffman, which was Owen Pitt's boss-turned-werewolf.  As mentioned previously, this werewolf didn't survive.

It is such a cool model, and it was a blast to paint up.
The corporate picnic went pear shaped...

Next up is Skippy.  Skippy makes his appearance as the balaclava wearing MHI Helicopter pilot in the first novel.  Skippy turns out to be an orc, hiding his identity as Orcs are on the Puff bounty table.  However, the orcs are really on the good side, and this particular tribe of orcs, lead by Skippy, is located a few miles from the MHI compound, well hidden in the forest.

Orcs in the MHI world are relatively small (about 5 to 5.5 ft tall or so) greenskinned, yellow eyed, and each one has one ability that they excel at.  Skippy's is being an incredible pilot, and pulls off seemingly impossible aerial maneuvers.

This Hasslefree miniature worked out pretty well, as I wanted to show off Skippy's face (which is usually hidden), have a modern weapon, and be smaller than the average man.

Hopefully, I can find another orc to represent his sword master brother Edward, and one of Skippy's wives, Gretchen.

 Lastly, I just wanted to show the glacial-like progress with the sculpt of the Digger.  The Digger is described as a combination between a robot and a scarecrow.  It has a small roundish head, no eyes, and a flap of loose skin hanging below it's gullet.  I'm not real happy with how it's going, but I'll still see if I can salvage something from it...

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Owen Pitt, finally finished!

So, it's been a bit since I updated.  I blame most of that on Fallout 4, but also it's been so damn cold here I couldn't spray prime some of the minis I wanted to get working on.  We've had a bit of a heat wave (slightly above freezing) so I took the opportunity to get to the garage, with minis and spray paint in hand.  Usually, I'd do this outside, but still too cold for that, but the garage seemed serviceable.
I'm green!

Now with body armor, but I'm still green

If you remember, I had been working on my version of Owen Z. Pitt, using a liberal amount of putty and a Heroclix Drax as the basis.

Now, that I've slapped some paint on him, he looks much closer to what I had in mind...

I'm not super happy with his gun, and I'll probably readdress that soon.  I tried ot just putty over the existing gun, as I didn't really have anything to use as Abomination (his trusty shotgun/grenade launcher/bayonet).  I've found something now that may work, so I'll have to try and chop it off.  Also, I think I need to darken the facial scars a bit to define them more.  Anyhow, I'm happy with the overall look.   He really looks ready for action.

Point me towards the Monsters.

Also during my down time from painting, I had ordered some Hasslefree minis to fill out the ranks.
First up is Owen's best buddy, and Monster Hunter International's moral compass, Trip Jones.

John Jermaine Jones (Triple J, then shortened to Trip) was a teacher in a small Florida town, when a zombie outbreak decimated most of his students and fellow teachers.  He found himself initiated into the world of monsters, and ended up in the MHI training class with Owen Pitt.  A self proclaimed sci-fi and fantasy geek, he is surprisingly naive , but has a heart of gold and a serious sense of justice.

I used Hasslefree's Giant for this, and sculpted some dreadlocks onto him.  I still have a bit of touchup to do here, add the MHI patch, and maybe work on the base some more.

Last aren't directly in any of the MHI books, but are just some Lovecraftian Interdimensional baddies I had already primed, so I painted 'em up a few weeks ago.  I kind of liked the idea of painting them like human flies.

I may try to add some fly wings to complete the effect, but either way, they are going in the army of monsters I have lined up to fight the good guys (or maybe even the bad guys!)

So, I've got a few more in the pipeline, but no pictures just yet.  Soon, I'll have a version of Holly Newcastle, and a human version of Earl Harbinger.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time!

Friday, January 01, 2016

2016 has begun! Myers, Stark and others.

Happy New Year, Monster Hunters!

A brand new year, and I'm still plodding along with my Monster Hunter International project.

A couple of important characters from the Monster Control Bureau are up today.

Slight spoilers ahead.

Special Agent Dwayne Myers is a well trusted and effective Agent in the first book, and becomes the interim Director of the MCB at one point.  He takes his job very seriously, and even though the folks at MHI don't always see eye to eye with him, they do grant him a grudging respect.  He is described as a thin man who immediately reminds you of a college English professor, rather than a Agent of a clandestine organization.  Even Agent Franks respects and trusts Myers, one of the few humans he does.

Stark and Myers, Directors
 Special Agent Douglas Stark, on the other hand, is neither well respected or trusted.  A effective bureaucrat, he was once a Navy SEaL, and was able to transfer those skills to a position in the Bureau.  He finally gets his due, or so it seems, as he is named the Director of the organization, over Myers.  While Stark thinks it is because of his acumen, it's really because he's easily controlled, especially by yet another shadowy organization pulling the strings.  Stark is a bulldog of a man, a bit over his prime, but still solidly built.

I used a Hasslefree mini for Stark, adding the double chin and some belly fat.  For Myers, I used a rumpled looking fellow from Rafm.  I think they both work pretty good for what I imagine the characters to look like.

Some works in progress now:

The Shacklefords.  Bubba Shackleford started his Monster Hunter International group in 1895, and it's been run by a Shackleford ever since.  I've started on Julie, Susan, and Ray.

Julie, is a fantastic sniper and the company's lead contract negotiator.  She's effective and dangerous as both.  I'm almost done here, but need to figure out how to put some eyeglasses on her, and add a smiley face patch.

Susan and Ray, Julie's parents, were once well loved and respected members of the Family and company.  But, monster hunting is a dangerous business, and without giving too much away here, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Just a bit more to do on Susan, and a lot more to do on Ray.  The models aren't perfect for what I pictured the husband and wife team, but they work well for modern vampires.  Julie is a Statuesque mini, while the other two are made by Reaper.

Last up are some Wyrd miniatures that I'm planning on using as Deep Ones.  I started out really liking them, but the more I paint them, the harder they are to finish.  I'm not digging my scheme here, as I was going for more 'froglike' than fish.  Still, I thought maybe posting them will give me the will to push through and finish them!

Anyhow, so it seems now I've got more Works In Progess than I do finished minis!  I've also still got Owen Pitt to finish, and that Digger I was working on.

Still, I'm having a great time with this project and looking forward to continuing!

Thanks for reading!  See you soon.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Special Agent Franks, and some Cool Monster Hunter News...

Over at  Monster Hunter Nation, Larry Corriea's blog, I spotted a cool bit of news.

John Ringo and Larry are doing a teamup to bring us the latest book in the MHI series.

Seems like the story will take place in the 1980's as opposed to the present, and features Ray and Susan Shackleford in their heyday as Hunters.  I can't wait!! But seeing how it's not out until August, I guess we're force to!  In the meantime, I'll dust off my 'members only' jacket and start regrowing the old mullet.  I wonder if my parachute pants still fit? (i already know the answer to that)

The second cool bit of of news I got from Monster Hunter Nation came in the form of a post Larry Corriea made.   I had commented on the site, asking any interested folks to check out my blog here, Larry was gracious enough to not only check us out here, but gave me a shout out in his latest post.  That really made my day!

So, if you wandered over here from there, welcome!   If you are unsure of what exactly I'm doing here, I'll try to explain.  I paint and model little toy soldiers, and since there really aren't any commercially available that represent the world of MHI, I'm trying to convert and paint existing miniatures to fit and represent the characters.

The scale of these miniatures is about 28mm.  That just means the 'average' man of 6ft tall or so, is 
represented as 28mm tall.  So, that's a bit over an inch tall for us that never could figure out the metric system (thanks Jimmy Carter).

Normally, these miniatures are used in tabletop games, but I mostly end up just painting them, instead of playing, but maybe someday...

So, enough of me blabbering about what this site is, lets get onto some Special Agent Franks.

Spoilers about Franks will be revealed below!

Special Agent Franks has grown to be one of my favorite characters.  In the first book, you kind of learn to grudgingly respect him, in book Two: Vendetta, you learn he is a serious force to be reckoned with.  He's a nigh unstoppable Agent that has NEVER failed a mission.

Why did Franks cross the Road?
 Franks is described as 6'5" and built like an NFL linebacker.  He really shines in Vendetta, especially with his epic fight against the Oni Ogres, (Force and Violence). By the end of the book Franks cemented that 'favorite character' status to me (but not so much favored by the Dread Overlord he help kill)

Finding a model to represent him was a bit of a challenge.  I like the size of this Foundry one (above pic) as he towers over my other MCB Agents, but not ridiculously so.  He is a bit on the ugly side, which worked well.  If you look closely, you'll see I painted one eye blue and the other brown.

I had also found yet another mini I liked in the form of a Heroclix Tombstone mini.

Give me a witness to intimidate

 As you can see, he towers over the MCB dudes, but the pose of this minis just screams 'Franks' to me.  He'd rather punch you in the head than speak to you.  I sculpted the sunglasses on and even attempted to tattoo his knuckles with HATE, but that looked horrible., so I repainted it.

Franks gets his very own story in the fifth book of the series called MHI: Nemesis, and that novel is another blast.  We learn more about his incredible backstory, and find that he is the basis for the Monster of Frankenstein legend.  So, having multiple versions of Franks makes sense, as he can basically change his body shape at need (more or less).

I'll eventually want to do a Agent Franks in his tactical gear, sporting his FN2000, but I'm still on a search to find just the right model.  I may even attempt my own sculpted kitbashed version.

What do you call a group of Franks?
Anyhow, Franks is such a great character and I wanted to get him added to my MCB faction.  Soon, he'll have Agent Myers and his latest boss, Doug Stark to join his ranks.

And just a couple of items I've started on:

There just aren't a lot of female werewolf models, but this one I found from Reaper will do quite nicely for a certain Red haired lycanthrope from MHI Alpha.  Also from that book, I've began my own sculpt (admittedly in a VERY rough state) of one of the Diggers, a very bizarre species of creature.   More on these characters as I progress with them.

So far just putty and paperclips..

Please don't hesitate to subscribe and leave any comments or questions you may have.  I'd love to hear from you, especially if you have any suggestions of what minis would work great for anyone in the MHI universe.

  I can also be reached directly at

Saturday, December 12, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Fishmen.

Something Fishy is going on here

 Deep ones, those aquatic Lovecraftian fishmen, are only briefly mentioned in Monster Hunter International.  They serve as the badguys in a mission previously mentioned with a SEaL team and a cruise ship.

Turns out that the Deep Ones aren't just interested in mindlessly attacking humans, they also prefer to lay their eggs inside a human host.  I'm assuming the outcome (other than the obvious madness) would be something like these guys.   These are Deep One Hybrids, the spawns of such an unholy union.

These minis come from Rattrap Games, except for the one to the far right, who comes from Black Cat Bases.


Mrs. Gorton


Eventually, I'll want to game with the Monster Hunter International setting, so, my plan is to use the Deep Ones/Hybrids/Etc as a faction looking to overtake a town, boat, or some area.

Here's a couple of other figs I've had painted for a while, that will fit into this faction:

Squid for the Squid God

The hooded one is from Fenris Games, and I think the other is from RAFM.

But, enough of the distant background characters, lets get to some of the main characters!!

Here's some works in Progress.

First up, heres where I am with the Owen Pitt character.  If you recall, I used a Heroclix pre painted Drax as my basis, and have been working on the body armor.  So far, I've added a bunch of pouches, ,a side arm, some hair, some MOLLE straps, and a little flashlight.  On he back, you can also see the drag strap on the armor.  I'll need to smooth out many of those areas, as they look pretty rough (especially in a blown up photo).  Sculpting is HARD!!  But, very very fun.  It's a very slow process as well.

Why the Hell am I still GREEN??

Eventually, he'll all be painted a primer color (especially to get rid of that green!), and painted properly (or as proper as I can do...)

Also started on several main guys from the Monster Control Bureau.

The Thing photobombs MCB
From left to right (if you ignore the Thing) The beginnings of Special Agents Myers, Franks, and Stark, representing some of the fine leadership of the secretive organization.  And since I can't quite decide on a great mini to represent the indomitable Agent Franks, I've chosen two.  Here's the Tombstone Heroclix I started on a few posts ago.
I'm not Tombstone anymore

Friday, December 04, 2015

Small WiP update...Owen Pitt

From last post, I decided to use the Heroclix called Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy as the basis of Owen Z Pitt.  To make Drax look more like Pitt, I figured I needed to do some sculpting to convert.

I had done a really rough sketch of what I wanted Pitt to look like.  This was before I found the Drax figure, so I was happy he met all the basics, big dude, knife...

Still pretty rough
He's also too sexy for his shirt.

I needed to add an armored vest (with lots of ammo pouches), change that k-bar knife to a big Kukri, add either some hair or a helmet, and convert that sci-fi gun to the automatic shotgun.  A bit ambitious, given my very limited sculpting skills....Like I mentioned before, this mini was cheap as dirt, so I figured I have nothing to lose.  

So far, this is what I've come up with.  First off, let me apologize for the quality of the photo.  I've been working on this during my lunches at work, and all I had was my ancient Ipod for a camera.  However, I wanted to get a pic before he got too far along.

If you squint just right...

The kukri is huge, as all I did was use putty over the top of the existing one.  I may clip it off and do a new one, but I'll wait to decide.  I've added the basics of an armored vest, and that little box out front will eventually be some ammo pouches.  It's turning out better than I thought, but I still have time to muck it up...

More next time!  Hopefully I'll get time to do some painting this weekend.

Lastly, I wanted to mention that I started another blog!  Since I'm using this one to chronicle my Monster Hunter International setting, I thought I'd keep a separate one to keep track of my comic book inspired miniatures.

It's called supervike's super stuff so please visit and subscribe if it interests you!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sam Haven and more stuff!

One of the most challenging yet  rewarding part of my MHI project is trying to find miniatures to fit the well described characters in the novels.  It's kinda fun for me to trawl through various manufacturers websites, looking for that perfect mini to represent a character.

Sam Haven is described as a big, tall, bad ass cowboy.  He's an ex Navy SEAL who has a Texan drawl and penchant for western wear.    When we are first introduced to the big lug in Monster Hunter International, he's the tobacco chewing, profanity laced, shooting instructor.  He wears a walrus mustache and immediately makes me think of Jesse Ventura in Predator.  Unfortunately, there are not a lot of  paramilitary cowboys miniatures out there!

Since I had the Wargames Foundry Gunther already primed and ready to go, I'd figure I'd press him into service.

Business in the front

Party in the Rear

  I added a boonie hat with some greenstuff.  On second thought, I probably should have made it a cowboy hat, but I wanted something to make me think he was an Ex Seal.  I also added the big rodeo
style belt buckle, and painted the MHI Logo on his shoulder.  The Gunther figure has very long hair, but as Haven is described as having a 'mullet', I figured it would work.  To be honest, the sculpt isn't all that great, it's a bit dodgy in spots, but at least now he's painted and officially the first completed member I have of the MHI team.

Douglas Stark makes his first appearance in MHI: Alpha.  At that time, he's the Special Agent in Charge of the Chicago Bureau of the MCB.  He's a bald, stocky bull dog of a man, who is more of a cowardly bureaucrat than anything.

Fishmen are coming.
 I decided to use a Hasslefree miniature called 'Costner' to represent good old Doug.  He's a work in progress, so I've added some belly fat and bull dog jowls to complete the look.  We learn in ALPHA that Stark was once a young Navy SEAL that served on a dangerous mission with Sam Haven.

The SEALS were sent to protect and secure a cruise liner attacked by Deep Ones.  The team was quickly overcome by the slimy fishmen, and only two SEALS survived, Haven and Stark.

That's where the two reports diverge, as Starks version has him being the hero and containing the deadly Deep One encounter, and Havens version has Stark hiding in a laundry hamper.  Since Haven's version also included the truth about the MCB coming on board and 'eliminating' survivors, Starks version became the official report.  That led to Haven being drummed out of the service, and Stark became a rising star in the MCB organization.

I'll discuss more of Stark's character (or lack of it) as I progress with the mini.

Last weeks WiP, the Condition, are now finished, and here's the proof.  The cult will grow, but the enforcers for it are ready for action.

We're forming a church softball league

A couple of cool minis I found to help me represent some of the books big hitters were found in the ranks of cheapo HeroClix.

Drax is going to be my basis for Owen Pitt, and the big ugly Tombstone will be the indomitable Agent Franks.  I'll just be adding sunglasses to Tombstone, and try my hand at turning Pitt into something similar to my sketch (from an earlier post) by sculpting body armor.  They'll also get some new paint...It's worth it to try messing with these, as they both cost me less than two bucks from an online store.  Even if I have to scrap them, I'm not going to be out much.  More on these soon.
Cheap cheap cheap!