Saturday, January 14, 2017

Still plugging away...


Been a busy early start to the year.  Ice storms, overtime at work, dog sitting, home improvements, and of course miniatures!

On the MHI project front.  I have just been slowly painting some side characters, just to keep me moving.  I've been assembling many of the miniatures I got from my Hasslefree haul, but other than some primer, most of those haven't seen paint yet.

These are zombies from a company called King Zombie.  I've had them for a while, just never got around to painting any.  They are kinda goofy looking, with bobblehead sized noggins, but they were still fun to paint.  These are 'First Responders'.  The female zombie is in 'mid-shotgunned blast' mode.

The leg chomping Zed was something from Frothers Unite's zombie line years ago.  He's gruesome enough to be a great target for the other two fellows.  These are team members from Team Haven.  Since they look so similar, these two are going to represent a pair of brothers on that team.  I think they were called the Hate Brothers, and they operate mostly in the Rocky Mountain area.   I'll have to double check on those names though.  The miniatures I used were Spectre minis, and I have to say I wasn't too impressed with the quality of the sculpts.  The anatomy is a bit wonky, and they just don't have the attention to detail I find in other premium models.  But, they will work as a couple of automatic rifle toting Hunters!

Chompy and the Bros.

Last up for this installment is another pretty cool character from the Monster Hunter International world.  Grant Jefferson is a incredibly rich, incredibly talented hunter that we meet in the series' opening novel.  He is arrogant, cocky, and at the time Julie Shacklefords boyfriend.  Owen Pitt hates him for all of those reasons.  Add to the fact that Jefferson basically left Pitt to die during the first big mission, there is serious tension between the two.
Jefferson, Grant Jefferson

But, the brilliant thing Corriea does with many of his characters is that he makes you like them, despite their flaws.  During the series, we see Jefferson leave the premier team on Monster Hunter International to move onto a Hollywood career.  He eventually comes back into the world, but this time with the Monster Control Bureau.  By the time the lastest novel has come around (Monster Hunter International: Nemesis) he's a downright goodguy again.

This representation of him is in that MCB guise.  Tactical battles, public confusion on the subject of monsters, and political manuevering seem to fit him as well as his tailored suits do.

I used a Hasslefree miniature for this called 'Codename: Alexander' but he's very obviously a Daniel Craig version of James Bond.  I can't get over what a talented sculpted that Hasslefree guy is (Kev White).

Anyhow, as with many of the bigger characters in the series, I'll be doing another version of Grant Jefferson, this time in tactical gear.

Until next time!!


Allison M. said...

As I mentioned elsewhere, those King Zombie figures are hideously amazing, and Grant Jefferson is a stunning figure. Your paint jobs do them justice.

Simon Quinton said...

Nice selection in this post. Some classic minis and love that character from Hasslefree one of my faves!

CJR said...

Great stuff to see, came across this from your LAF thread. I'm also doing a MHI project, but in 15mm, lots of great stuff from Rebel, Khurasan, and Splintered Light that work for me. I'm also going to use Ganesha's Fear and Faith rules, have most things statted up through Nemesis, still waiting for the new books to show up in paperback.