Sunday, March 13, 2016

Werewolves, orc, and Digger.

Just in time to 'spring forward', a few werewolves have stopped in to create havok.

Monster Hunter Spoilers ahead...

Deputy Heather Kerkonen is a competent law enforcement officer in Copper Lake during the third book in the series, ALPHA.  Unfortunately, for her, that's ground zero for the Werewolf apocalypse.
She gets bit, but, instead of turning into a slavering beast, she transforms into a werewolf that still has control.

Kerkonen, described as a red werewolf, ends up getting conscripted into the super secret Project Unicorn.  She's forced to complete two years of servitude in a monsterized tactical squad.

I used a Reaper miniature for her, and plan to also do a humanized version of the Deputy.
I also used a Reaper miniature for the 2nd werewolf I worked on this week.  This one is designed as a 'zombie' werewolf, but I'm going to use it as just a werewolf that has been through a vicious fight.  Werewolves can be killed by dishing out massive damage, as long as you can overcome the insane healing factor.

And this guy is right at the edge, being really ripped up.  In honor of that, I decided to name him Cecil Huffman, which was Owen Pitt's boss-turned-werewolf.  As mentioned previously, this werewolf didn't survive.

It is such a cool model, and it was a blast to paint up.
The corporate picnic went pear shaped...

Next up is Skippy.  Skippy makes his appearance as the balaclava wearing MHI Helicopter pilot in the first novel.  Skippy turns out to be an orc, hiding his identity as Orcs are on the Puff bounty table.  However, the orcs are really on the good side, and this particular tribe of orcs, lead by Skippy, is located a few miles from the MHI compound, well hidden in the forest.

Orcs in the MHI world are relatively small (about 5 to 5.5 ft tall or so) greenskinned, yellow eyed, and each one has one ability that they excel at.  Skippy's is being an incredible pilot, and pulls off seemingly impossible aerial maneuvers.

This Hasslefree miniature worked out pretty well, as I wanted to show off Skippy's face (which is usually hidden), have a modern weapon, and be smaller than the average man.

Hopefully, I can find another orc to represent his sword master brother Edward, and one of Skippy's wives, Gretchen.

 Lastly, I just wanted to show the glacial-like progress with the sculpt of the Digger.  The Digger is described as a combination between a robot and a scarecrow.  It has a small roundish head, no eyes, and a flap of loose skin hanging below it's gullet.  I'm not real happy with how it's going, but I'll still see if I can salvage something from it...