Friday, June 29, 2007

Blast from the Past.

Just got a new camera for my birthday/Fathers day, so I thought I'd try a quick shot of my Demobot....The big guy was painted just about a year ago...and helped me win the ALPHA FORGE Paint Contest (oh, past glories...sigh) Anyhow, the pic shows off some of the detail much better than my old camera.

Click on him for a better shot!!

Also, I am again trying my hand at sculpting. I 'd love to spend more time at this, as it is very exciting to build your own figure out of just some putty. This is the beginnings of a monstrous creature I am making. Hopefully, I can make it into something presentable. So far, its just two legs and a strange growth...It is made from a 2 part epoxy putty called Kneadatite, affectionately know as GREEN STUFF (us mini-people are a clever lot). I think I've got some good muscle definition so far. just occurred to me that the 'growth' could easily be mistaken for something torrid. First, get your minds out of the gutter, and second, that is the beginnings of the spine...REALLY!! LOL

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Another update!

Maybe its a swing of productivity...Maybe its because this Hydrissian Salvager (see pic below) is the last of my commission work, but I seem to be finding more time in the paint room. All the pictures are clickable to make them a bit bigger.

The Salvager is just a bizarre model all together...Its mechanical, yet strangely buglike. This one got sent off to Alpha Forge this morning.

I've been working with making a few more bases for miniatures. First up is a little sculpt I made from milliput to protray a alien world..The bloody tentacles are breaking through the surface...are they plant or animal?

Today I finished painting up a 'display' base. It was made out milliput and some bits I had for some time. The little wall is something I have had since I was into World War Two models way back in 7th grade (thats 25 years or so!) Anyhow, the base part is just a lid from a jar of peanut butter...You can still see part of the SKIPPY in the bottom pic. The idea is that you could remove the mini for gaming (which I really don't do) and still have a large display base on which to show it off. The mini, obviously isn't painted yet.Well, thanks for looking! I really appreciate the comments I get. For the longest time, I only assumed my Mom or wife were the only ones reading (and I have to force them to...LOL) Until next time.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Is it June Already?

It's amazing how fast the time seems to go by. June is here already, and already 2007 is at its halfway point.

Still trudging on with some painting: Here is a Mephalian. A very bizarre, almost blind creature, from Alpha Forge:

Also, A Work IN Progress of Sorts. This is the 'Dartwing Attack Bike'...Its missing its rider and the handlebars, but the main body is done. It's a very cool design.

The Mephalian will go towards my Paint Splosh (today is the deadline)...But there is some very steep competition. Witchhunter, one of my favorite painters, has really done some incredible work. Also, another strong contentder, Matakishi puts out his normal high quality, incredible production. Even the Hydrissian Kid pumped out some stellar stuff...And Lots of it! I think I am too damn slow to keep up with those folks...but at least I can say I tried.