Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Another update!

Maybe its a swing of productivity...Maybe its because this Hydrissian Salvager (see pic below) is the last of my commission work, but I seem to be finding more time in the paint room. All the pictures are clickable to make them a bit bigger.

The Salvager is just a bizarre model all together...Its mechanical, yet strangely buglike. This one got sent off to Alpha Forge this morning.

I've been working with making a few more bases for miniatures. First up is a little sculpt I made from milliput to protray a alien world..The bloody tentacles are breaking through the surface...are they plant or animal?

Today I finished painting up a 'display' base. It was made out milliput and some bits I had for some time. The little wall is something I have had since I was into World War Two models way back in 7th grade (thats 25 years or so!) Anyhow, the base part is just a lid from a jar of peanut butter...You can still see part of the SKIPPY in the bottom pic. The idea is that you could remove the mini for gaming (which I really don't do) and still have a large display base on which to show it off. The mini, obviously isn't painted yet.Well, thanks for looking! I really appreciate the comments I get. For the longest time, I only assumed my Mom or wife were the only ones reading (and I have to force them to...LOL) Until next time.


Ambassador said...

I'm a big fan of your blog and your painting, supervike. Seeing the minis painted by you and Matakishi are what first got me really interested in Alpha Forge. Keep up the great work, and keep the posts coming. I'm a loyal reader!

Leutenant Brittan said...

I Love the Metallic finish you got on that droid! How did you manage to get the metallic purple/blue to turn out so nicely?

javi said...

Amen to ambassador's words.

Concerning to the mini, as I always say, love the bright style you give to your AF minis even if they look gritty, still feel part of a game, a hobby.

I'm no big fan of ultra dark barroque and photorealistic masterpieces of art. After all everything feels a bit out of place when done taking itself too seriouly...

The best part, the base and the blue touches on the purple metal. Metallic metals, weee!

As for the productivity spree, I'm happy to see that happening here. The same happened to me when I noticed people other than me looked at the blog (specially not advertising it).

That feedback is so motivating, even in a subconscient level... I even feel bad when I'm at work spending 9 hours a day, 6 days a week and it comes to my mind that people wasted some minutes of their time to check my space and found nothing new! =)

Anyway, take it easy. It sucks when you have to obligue yourself to finish stuff... the more you enjoy doing, the more it's shown in results.

Allison said...

This one reminds me of the War of the Worlds... for obvious reasons. A really neat job. The tentacles thing is just creepy, the contrast between the dead ashy surface and the bright red creature(s) living underneath is quite dramatic.

PS: I do check your blog regularly, even if I don't always comment (sometimes I'm at work and just cruise by for a quick look). It's always good to know that one is not posting in vain, I know :)