Friday, June 29, 2007

Blast from the Past.

Just got a new camera for my birthday/Fathers day, so I thought I'd try a quick shot of my Demobot....The big guy was painted just about a year ago...and helped me win the ALPHA FORGE Paint Contest (oh, past glories...sigh) Anyhow, the pic shows off some of the detail much better than my old camera.

Click on him for a better shot!!

Also, I am again trying my hand at sculpting. I 'd love to spend more time at this, as it is very exciting to build your own figure out of just some putty. This is the beginnings of a monstrous creature I am making. Hopefully, I can make it into something presentable. So far, its just two legs and a strange growth...It is made from a 2 part epoxy putty called Kneadatite, affectionately know as GREEN STUFF (us mini-people are a clever lot). I think I've got some good muscle definition so far. just occurred to me that the 'growth' could easily be mistaken for something torrid. First, get your minds out of the gutter, and second, that is the beginnings of the spine...REALLY!! LOL


javi said...

LMAO! To me at first looked like a pair of severed walking legs with a tip of spine (like a chopped zombie) but now you mention it,ha ha!... just add a couple of putty lumps here and there :D

It's your first try ever? looks fantastic. The difficult part about sculpting are the proportions and simetry. I'm glad you're giving Green Stuff a try, I love to see others' works.

Some find it too tedious (involves an awful lot of time to get a complete guy finished) or difficult. Just don't give up. If you feel you lost interest on the mini, finish it anyways just for sake of practice or try to sculp parts for big conversion projects (like adding robot legs to that tracked AF robot you painted)

On the other side, you made me to want a demobot. It looked great time ago but those pics made it look even better.

CyborgTrucker said...

Love the mining droid. I've been wondering what they would look like finished. I've been holding off buying any for seeing some people's work. Great job!

As for the two-legged porn star it looks like you are off to a fine start. I can't wait to see it get finished.