Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Owen Pitt, finally finished!

So, it's been a bit since I updated.  I blame most of that on Fallout 4, but also it's been so damn cold here I couldn't spray prime some of the minis I wanted to get working on.  We've had a bit of a heat wave (slightly above freezing) so I took the opportunity to get to the garage, with minis and spray paint in hand.  Usually, I'd do this outside, but still too cold for that, but the garage seemed serviceable.
I'm green!

Now with body armor, but I'm still green

If you remember, I had been working on my version of Owen Z. Pitt, using a liberal amount of putty and a Heroclix Drax as the basis.

Now, that I've slapped some paint on him, he looks much closer to what I had in mind...

I'm not super happy with his gun, and I'll probably readdress that soon.  I tried ot just putty over the existing gun, as I didn't really have anything to use as Abomination (his trusty shotgun/grenade launcher/bayonet).  I've found something now that may work, so I'll have to try and chop it off.  Also, I think I need to darken the facial scars a bit to define them more.  Anyhow, I'm happy with the overall look.   He really looks ready for action.

Point me towards the Monsters.

Also during my down time from painting, I had ordered some Hasslefree minis to fill out the ranks.
First up is Owen's best buddy, and Monster Hunter International's moral compass, Trip Jones.

John Jermaine Jones (Triple J, then shortened to Trip) was a teacher in a small Florida town, when a zombie outbreak decimated most of his students and fellow teachers.  He found himself initiated into the world of monsters, and ended up in the MHI training class with Owen Pitt.  A self proclaimed sci-fi and fantasy geek, he is surprisingly naive , but has a heart of gold and a serious sense of justice.

I used Hasslefree's Giant for this, and sculpted some dreadlocks onto him.  I still have a bit of touchup to do here, add the MHI patch, and maybe work on the base some more.

Last aren't directly in any of the MHI books, but are just some Lovecraftian Interdimensional baddies I had already primed, so I painted 'em up a few weeks ago.  I kind of liked the idea of painting them like human flies.

I may try to add some fly wings to complete the effect, but either way, they are going in the army of monsters I have lined up to fight the good guys (or maybe even the bad guys!)

So, I've got a few more in the pipeline, but no pictures just yet.  Soon, I'll have a version of Holly Newcastle, and a human version of Earl Harbinger.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time!