Wednesday, April 25, 2007

In a hurry...

In an attempt to get these zombies out the door, I hurriedly took pics...which aren't the best. Sorry. First up are the Rural Survivors...I had fun making the base with the steps, and giving them an all around 'white trashiness'. How can you not love a granny with a chainsaw?

Here's a quickie of the zombies....
I'm working on yet more zombies now, a 'Hydrissian Scavenger Drone' (very squidlike robot) and some Urban Survivors.

PLUS: Rod over at Alpha Forge is having a Spring PAINT SPLOSH contest...the person deemed to spend the most time painting and converting Alpha Forge minis will win 50 bucks in prizes. I figure it's not fair that I count my 'commissioned' paint jobs, so I got to figure a way to paint up some of my own pile o lead.

Check the 'contest' out here

Ok, back to painting now!!