Sunday, November 22, 2009

And more Fall Painting...

Just have really had the urge to paint lately, so I'm taking advantage of the feeling.  Nothing earth shattering, but I just feel these are solid paint jobs, and better yet, they shrink my unpainted pile-o-minis!!

Some have been 'almost done' for some time, but for every new mini I'm painting, I'm trying to finish up a partially painted one as well.

First up, Alpha Forge Horror line.  This ones a survivor farmer with a shovel, so I made a base to represent him hiding out in the cornfield!  (THE PICS ARE ARE CLICKABLE to make them bigger!)

The cornstalks are made from paperclips and some paper.

Here's a Sci Fi guy I decided to do.  This one is an Urban Mammoth mini...

Next, I wanted to try a 'monochrome' mini, using very limited colors.  I'm going for a 'they are standing in the moonlight' look here...I'm not sure if I achieved it, as it is rather boring.  If you look close, you'll notice the vampires eyes are red. (you may have to just imagine

Here is that SLITHER lady I was working on.  Not really happy with it at all, but I plodding through and finished it.  It's much too cartoony looking....I like the gore on the base.

Here's another Sci-Fi mini...This one was sculpted by Jim Bowen, and is the first in a whole group of these I have.  Kinda boring, but I like the 'moodiness'.

But, wait there is more!!

Spinespur puts out some bizarre minis, and this one is no execption...A pig mask wearing butcher dude...Freaky!

Last, but certainly not least, is my favorite from the bunch.  The finished APE squad member from the Incursion Game.  He is 'Slugger Murphy'.  Now with 'decal' attached!!

Hopefully these paint moods will continue!  I've got so much more stuff to go!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Still plodding along...

Heres a few I finished just recently.  Both had been on my shelf for some time, in various stages of paint...

The first is a Griffin Zombie Survivor, and the other fella is a EM-4 mini (i think).  Nothing overly special, but just adding to my 'done and painted' pile.

Next is a WiP picture of the very cool Incursion APEs from Grindhouse Games:

They are very cool minis.  I've got some decals on order and once I apply those, I'll finish him up.  Of course, I've got 5 other squad mates to do as well....I can't help it I'm slow!!

Here are a few of the bases I'm going to use for them:

They are made by Fenris and are fantastic quality!

I've put a few layers of flesh tone on the SLITHER lady (see last entry) and hope to be working on that some more as I go.

Thanks for looking!