Monday, November 09, 2009

Still plodding along...

Heres a few I finished just recently.  Both had been on my shelf for some time, in various stages of paint...

The first is a Griffin Zombie Survivor, and the other fella is a EM-4 mini (i think).  Nothing overly special, but just adding to my 'done and painted' pile.

Next is a WiP picture of the very cool Incursion APEs from Grindhouse Games:

They are very cool minis.  I've got some decals on order and once I apply those, I'll finish him up.  Of course, I've got 5 other squad mates to do as well....I can't help it I'm slow!!

Here are a few of the bases I'm going to use for them:

They are made by Fenris and are fantastic quality!

I've put a few layers of flesh tone on the SLITHER lady (see last entry) and hope to be working on that some more as I go.

Thanks for looking!

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