Friday, October 30, 2009

Twice in One Month!?!

Wow...Go for months without a post, and now, twice in one month!  And with LOTS of stuff.

First up, I've been painting up some A Touch Of Evil boardgame characters for the fellow that runs THE ZOMBIE GAME website.  These were kind of a challenge, as they are made of that soft, bendy plastic...The detail is fine as well, so it's hard to exaggerate things like I normally would.  Anywho, here they are:  CLICK TO SHOW THE WHOLE PIC!

I like the faces on some of them...some were a real challenge.

I also painted up some Hasslefree Adventurers for the same fellow.

These were much more enjoyable to paint and it really shows the advantage of painting metal as opposed to plastic.  Hasslefree stuff is pretty amazing!

This is 'Shawn' and 'Dione'.

I liked the way the highway turned out on the Dione figure, but now looking at that green grass, I think I could have used another layer of highlights.

Here is Shawn again, this time with his Slacker buddy Ed (although technically Hasslefree refers to them as Ray and Tony.  Below is Ken the cop and Alyx.  This is the second time in just a few weeks that I've painted the 'Ray' character.  I've already sent these in the post, and it just now occurred to me that I didn't put a drop of blood on any of the figures....For shame!!!

And Now, a very bizarre WIP sculpture I'm working on..
The movie "Slither" is one of my favorite horror flicks.  It's campy, funny, creepy, and gross.  The grossness doesn't get more so with the character of Brenda...Impregnated by the alien and filled with slimy, mouth seeking tongue worms.  Poor gal just can't get enough to eat!!

So, I set out to make my own little Brenda...With an armature of tin foil, some Pro Create and milliput.  I'm not much of a scupltor, so keep that in mind....


EEEK!! That's Hideous!!  Here is the same mini, now primed, with a Hasslefree mini for scale:

Hopefully...I'll get to painting it tonight or tommorow!  Perfect for Halloween.....Let's just hope it doesn't burst while I'm painting.....

Lastly, Heres a zombie Nun and the poor Priest that has to put her out of her misery....

These are made by Griffin Miniatures:



Until next time!! Happy Halloween!

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Anonymous said...

Slither is a great B-movie, it has charm. Nathan Fillion in his element.

Did you ever finish Brenda?