Sunday, November 22, 2015

The vulkodlak: Werewolf Armageddon.

Monster Hunter Spoilers will follow...

Werewolves play a prominent part in the MHI mythos.  Owen Pitt savagely fights and beats his newly turned werewolf boss, Cecil Huffman, in the opening chapter.   We learn much later, that's not the only Werewolf boss Owen has.  Earl Harbinger, however, is not just your average werewolf. Harbinger, is the King of the Werewolves, and possibly the best Monster Hunter on the planet.

In the third book of the series, MHI Alpha, we learn much more about Earl and how he operates. We learn how he controls his lycanthropy and why he isn't eligible as a PUFF bounty.  PUFF is the bounty system the American Government uses to pay those that destroy Monsters.  (the Perpetual Unearthly Forces Fund).  Summoned to a upper peninsula Michigan town, Earl finds himself in the middle of a werewolf war.
Conover, Harbinger, and Petrov.  Werewolf family reunions are dangerous affairs.
Also summoned to the town is Nikolai Petrov, a vicious Russian werewolf whom Earl fought in the Viet Nam War.  Turns out that Adam Conover, the stories big bad, is not only an oddly created werewolf, but now has the Amulet of Koschei the Deathless.  This ancient artifact gives incredible power to it wielder, and Conover plans to use it to start the vulkodlak, basically a werewolf apocalypse scenario.

The vulkodlak are after your kibble.

For Conover and Petrov, (see top pic) I used Reaper Miniatures.  Conover is supposed to be a huge, black furred, glowing eyed beast, and the large Reaper figure worked well.  It did have some gauntlets on each wrist that I shave off and resculpted hair onto.  I plan on doing human versions of both.

For Harbinger, I used the excellent werewolf from Fenris Games.  Although Harbinger is still vicious and evil during the full moon,  I wanted to portray him as a bit less beserker, and that mini worked well for that.  I'll need a human version of Earl as well.

The other werewolves are three SOTR minis, and a Darkson Design mini.  I've had a couple of those done for quite a while (the ones w/ black bases), but it was nice to add to the ranks.

The isolated town of Copper Lake, panicky townsfolk, inept MCB agents, a growing werewolf army, some old ones magic, and a pissed off Earl Harbinger not only made a fantastic novel, but should make for some interesting gaming scenarios.
Werewolf?  There wolf.
I'm too sexy for my shirt.

Did you throw a frisbee?

MHI is filled with fantastic characters, and Earl Harbinger is certainly one of
my favorites.  The Alpha book is the first that centered on Earl.  Not only does it add  much more to the current MHI setting, it also fills in plenty of backstory, giving even more gaming ideas (and miniatures to make!).  I've got tons more to work on from this story.

My Name is Earl.

Thanks for reading!!  See you soon.


Ing said...

My Name is Earl? I love that show! Also love the MHI books. And these miniatures. Good stuff.

supervike said...

Yeah, I do too! I was hoping someone would get my little joke there. Thanks!!