Saturday, November 12, 2016

Hunters, Monsters, and more.

In the world of MHI, there are plenty of other Hunter groups out there competing with MHI for bounty money.  Several of these have appeared throughout the novels such as Grim Berlin, the very proficient German team led by Klaus Lindamen.

Another team that shows up is Briarwood.  A Chicago based team that wants to compete with the big boys, but is severely out of their league.

The idea of all these teams throughout the world would work well for a skirmished base miniatures game.  I've been checking out differing rules systems, and I think Ganesha Games' Fear and Faith may fit the bill for a modern monster hunting game.  I'll discuss this more as I get the set and read through the rules.

Anyhow, the fun of that would be building my own teams to fight the ever growing hordes of Monsters.  I've had a few older miniatures, painted years ago, that fit nicely into this world.  I'm not sure if pics exist anywhere out there on the internet, so I'm going to put them back up here.  All the pics are clickable to make them bigger.

That Puff bounty is mine.

The design I painted on the back is a globe with a sword through it.
Dunno why I did, it just sounded bad ass.

My tattooed little Stubbs.  If you have keen eyes, you can spot the flat spot on the top of his head.  That's where I dropped him on the floor.  Curse words did indeed follow.

Vampire Killer

The top pics are a range of minis now in the Fenris catalog, and the stocky fella is an old Copplestone, I think.  All three work well in this setting, complete with the 'team logos' on the backs of the jackets.

Updating a few vampires I had shown WiP awhile back.  I'm not overly fond of these.  I was going to use them as Susan and Ray Shackleford, but now I think they'll be generic Vamps to cause Hunters fits.

Huge hands, (unlike our new President)

I'm also adding this Vampire to the group.  He'll work as a Master Vampire.  He's an old Grenadier Miniature, and holds up pretty well, even with today's standards.

I vant to suck your blood.
Earlier in the year, I participated in a Kickstarter held by Studio Miniatures.  They are most known for their very nice line up of Modern zombies (some that will show up here soonish)  Anyhow, some of the Kickstarter minis were 'Classic' monsters, and I couldn't pass up.  The set arrived just a few days before Halloween, and I'm just not a quick enough painter to have them done by then, but here's what I've got so far.

He did the Mash.  He did the Monster Mash.

I snapped this before the 'liquid water' resin dried.  It should dry clear.  I wanted a 'swampy' look.

Are you my Mummy?

Wolfman doesn't get any paint love yet, just a quick blackline.

The funny thing is, although I snapped these guys up right away, I was wondering why they didn't look so much like the 'Classic Universal' miniatures.  Then I realized what they were really inspired by.

Monster Squad is a late 80's cult classic movie.  I haven't seen it in years, but I recall it being pretty good, in a cheesy sort of way.  Check it out if you get the chance.

Lastly, again speaking of zombies, here's a couple I've had for some time, but just didn't have any decent photos.  These were minis done by Fenris for the FrothersUnite Zombie line from several years ago.  Obviously heavily inspired by the  Left 4 Dead video game.
Zed Smash!

Tanks for the Memories.

I'll certainly be adding these to a cool skirmish game.  Can't wait to see how my Monster Hunters handle these abominations!!

Thanks for reading, see you soon.


Allison M. said...

"Huge hands, (unlike our new President)"

Aaaah politics! Well, I guess his hands aren't political.

Great work yet again. So much detail here, with the tattoos and biker patches on the humans. I really like this theme; the mix of human hard asses and classic monsters is enjoyable and the variety must keep you motivated to paint.

One figure that really stands out for me is the Grenadier vampire. Wow. That's a figure that should never have gone out of production. So menacing and dynamic, I want one! But I have to admit the "Monster Squad" are pretty awesome too.

supervike said...

Yeah, that's about as political as I'll ever get, I think!!

I agree about that Grenadier Vamp. I was looking for vampire miniatures on a google search and that guy appeared. I immediately went to Ebay and found one. It comes as a set with two other completely forgettable and typical Grenadier style minis, but this one was definitely a diamond.