Monday, November 07, 2016

And we're back!

My last post was just as we moved the clocks ahead for Spring, it's only fitting that as we move the clocks back, I make another MHI post!

I've been working on a few miniatures here and there, but now as overtime season is coming to an end, I'll hopefully get more time for serious work.

I have been working on a Earl Harbinger, the bossman of MHI.  He's described as a chain smoking, average looking man, wears a leather jacket (made of Minotaur hide) and prefers a .45 Tommy gun.

I chose a Hasslefree miniature for the basis, and have began painting it.

Keep away from full moon

I'm close to finishing it now, and although it 'works' for Earl, I just haven't been real happy with it.

So, like I did with Agent Franks, I think I'll make more than one miniature for him.  I stumbled upon a mini, from the Heroclix ranks, that just looks the part.  And, using ebay, I was able to land two of them for a lowly dollar.  

Rick Jones, soon to be converted to Earl Harbinger.  I figure an addition of a Tommy Gun, a new paint job, and maybe a cigarette in his mouth should do the trick.  I'll keep you posted!!

Heroclix NEVER look anywhere near as good as the renders.

And in other Monster Hunter International news...

Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge came out on August 2nd.  I immediately downloaded it via Audible.  

It was mostly written by John Ringo, and although it was still fun and helps build on the Monster Hunter universe, it seriously wasn't up to the same caliber as Correia's solo efforts.
I think the main character, Chad, was just a bit too perfect.  He
never seems to fail, or really have too much of a struggle with anything.  But, it's still worth the read, especially if you are craving more from this universe.

The setting of 1980's America really works well, and just like the MHI books, attention to weaponry is paramount.  Most of the action takes place in Seattle (thus the Grunge) and I really enjoyed the way it intermingled some Japanese Yakuza into the storyline.  And, it made me have serious sushi cravings for a month or so afterwards.  I certainly will be adding some of the characters into my project as I move forward.

I can't stress enough on how cool the Audible versions' are.  The narrator, Oliver Wyman absolutely makes the characters come to life, and it's probably why the MHI setting has captured my imagination so thoroughly.

The second book in this series  Monster Hunter Memoirs: Sinners will be hitting the shelves next month and will continue the 80's scene with Chad moving on to New Orleans.

The Pre-order is available for the hard back over at Amazon, but I've yet to see anything about an Audible version yet.  I'm sure hoping they have kept Wyman as the narrator.

Lastly, in MHI news, is another pre-order from Larry Corriea.  They are re-issuing the MHI series as leatherbound books.   It's also due in December (just in time for Christmas) and I think a bunch of copies are being autographed by Larry, so if that interests you, order now, since it's a limited edition.

I have place a nice sized order for a bunch of minis to help fill out the ranks, and I'll be showing those off as I get them going.

Thanks for reading!  


Allison M. said...

That first Hasslefree figure is great, but it's very... Batou. Which of course it is, really. All he needs is the eye lenses, which any half decent hobbyist can add with minimal effort. The Clix figure is very different, a lot less beefy, but very customizable to get what you want.

The books might just be worth me looking into if I can find them. They sound fun. I just finished a book about an intelligent monkey who saves the world from dimension-hopping hive-minded cultists, so monster hunters? Not exactly off the reservation for me ;)

Thanks for posting again, SV!

supervike said...

I'd be interested in knowing the name of that intelligent monkey book. That sounds like it'd be in my wheelhouse for sure!