Saturday, August 06, 2011

The Dog Days of Summer...

First up, I've been digging Captain America lately.  Inspired by the movie, I used a Chronoscope mini and a leftover Shield to create Capt. Rogers in his WW2 Glory days:

I think it worked pretty well.  Also, slowly I've been painting up some Cowboys.  Looks like the gradient photoshop background I put in ate up a bit of the middle guys arm.  Or is that some sort of Active Camo system????

And finally my Avengers Team is assembled!  After quite a while of hunting down Knight Models various superheros, I think the mission is a go.  Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and The Hulk.  I want to try and up my painting for these fellows, so I've been just practicing on other things to help.  It aint helping...LOL.  Hopefully I can get these guys done before The Avengers movie is in the Theatres....The race is on!
Click on any of the pics for a better view!!!
Thanks for reading.


Dr. Willett's Workshop said...

The Avengers team is going to look amazing, love your selection. Looking forward to seing them painted!

Mik said...

Your WWII Cap looks fantastic, nice work. Coincidentally I've been assembling some Avengers as well, just in an entirely different format.

I've also got cowboys inbound as well...hmm, lots of parallels abound.

Hey, I used "inbound" and "abound" in the same sentence!

Allison M. said...

I like Captain America but I think he's just a little too lanky and grimy... it's the fault of the base mini of course, he's kind of Sgt. Rock like... The sunglasses seem kind of off too, maybe Cap's wholesomeness is enhanced by the fact that we can see his eyes through his mask. Anyway, still pretty cool, nice use of the old-style shield.

I have a desire to do a Cap mini at some point, which is odd since I'm Canadian. Maybe someone will make a miniature of (Super) William Lyon Mackenzie, wearing two overcoats to stop the bullets and fighting for justice with his super strength...

Cowboys look good too... the bases are suitably scrubby Southwestern style, and the blue steel effect on the weapons is nice. I always had that problem with Photoshop when adding backgrounds, btw. Anything white will be _very_ difficult to cut out using just the magic wand tool.

The Angry Lurker said...

Damn, damn nice, damn good work.

Jiaqi said...

Omg, All of your models are amazing. The Avengers team looks epic! And so are your other models like Conan and the Thing.

I really would like to see more of your stuff though I notice you have not been active for a while.

Well, if you are more of someone who just like to read hobby blogs for now.

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Do check out what I feature and like it if you see something great :)


supervike said...

Thanks Jiaqi, I'll check out your blog as well. I've not been to ambitious in my hobby of late. I gotta get back in there!