Thursday, June 23, 2011

Conan The Barbarian.

What is best in life?

"To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women. "

So says Conan!

I've been into all things Conan for the past month or so, reading some of the old stories, and rewatching the 1982 classic.  When I looked to extend that into my miniature world, I wanted a 'movie' Conan as opposed to the more common Frazetta-esque one.  I found the basis over at Hasslefree.  Their Wolf character (which I find out now was heavily inspired by Arnie) worked perfect.  I had to add some long hair, a headband, filed the sword, added some wrist bands, and viola instant Conan!

I've also gotten a few more Savage Sword of Conan inspired minis that I'll be working on in the near future.

This is the first 'fantasy' miniature I've worked on in ages....most of my interest has all been Sci-Fi or Modernish stuff.

Anyhow, hope you like it!


Mike Howell said...

Crom is strong! If I die, I have to go before him, and he will ask me, 'What is the riddle of tin?' If I don't know it, he will cast me out of the hobby store and laugh at me.

The Angry Lurker said...

It's excellent, very well done.

javi said...

That quote came into mind as soon as I saw the mini :D

I assume lots of people are going into conanmania frenzy due to the new movie.

Love the fleshtone (It's a extremely gentle one), specially on his back but maybe this guy should be much tanned than that. Too clean and babybuttcheek-like to be the hide a barbarian would have.

Again, I dunno how that could translate into the mini. Maybe adding a yellowish toasted shade would make him look like asian and too many bruises or scars would ruin the mini.

Just rambling, the results are great, and the beard effect is top notch!


Allison M. said...

Oooooh. Really, really good. Your paint job complements the strong sculpt perfectly - not flashy or cartoony, just perfect! Details like the stubble really make this look excellent! Are his eyes blue or is that my imagination?

He sure looks better than Arnie does these days.

supervike said...

Thanks guys for the excellent comments! @Allison...Yep, those eyes are blue. Arnie doesn't have blue eyes, but all the Conan stories refer to his blue eyes, so I went with that.