Sunday, November 21, 2010

Two updates in a week?

Hey! Got some more painting done, and put some finishing touches on a few that have been begging for attention.

Right to it!  All the pics are clickable, to give a better view!

This is a Grindhouse Games Mini, it's an evil dude called Hans.  He seems angry....


He'll be a nice addition to my Incursion games.

This guys' fluff has him as a deep sea diver, so I'll want to add some gloss varnish to make a 'wet' look, but damned if I could find any in my stash.  Ah well...  Maybe, he's good dry.

Next up is some 'Colonial Marines'.  I want to use them for both Space Hulk/Aliens type games, as well as the Marines from Halo, so I gave them a bit of a generic look.  These are from the very underated line from EM-4.  I wanted to keep the bases simple, so I've tried to hand paint a few panels on them, like the metal decking of a derelict ship.

Here are some Modern Day Marines from TAG.  Kind of a boring paintjob here as well. 

Here is some scenic elements with a zombie pulling himself out of the ground.  Armorcast is the maker of the scenics, and the zed is from Frothers:  Both are a nice addition to my zombie games.

And the crawler himself:

And finally a Work In Progress....A few bloodied zeds.  The two in the back are Studio Miniatures, the back and to the left is a Hasslefree, the two gals up front are TENGU.  I plan on using all these in a zombie diorama I'm making, but want the minis removable for gaming.

It's good to start clearing these projects up, to make room for the next ones....


The Angry Lurker said...

Some nice stuff there, used to have a Hans until the day I finished painting him and then the missus inadvertently dropped him in the rubbish and I lost him.

Allison M. said...

Hans is very reminiscent of a "Big Daddy" from Bioshock.

And your zombies are just fine, as always. A nice modern assortment. Have you watched any episodes of "Walking Dead" yet?