Friday, February 06, 2009

My yearly blog entry....

Allright, admittedly I don't post here much. Or at all.

But, on the plus side, I am starting to get more antsy to start painting again. I did do these a few months back, nothing super, but fun still:

It is a Alpha Forge Mephalian 'GORT'. A huge beast of Burden used by the strange aliens of Star Mogul. I sculpted some horns on this one, just to give it a different look. It actually ended up looking like a bad 1960's female hair do. Not that there is anything wrong with that!
I'm working on some zombies and hope to have some pics up of those one day. Don't hold your breath.


javi said...

You always do those alpha forge guys justice.

I sincerely love the fact you paint (glad to see you arround again) uncommon miniatures and you do it to nice standards.

"Mainstream" miniatures dont work for me anymore; 5 dude squad formed upon the same guy in different posses. No character at all no reason to exist.

By the way those always looked like a halfbreed between goblins and aliens. I like that bright-toon style over the gritty one.

Anonymous said...

Very nice supervike


Cerebral Cortex of the Damned said...

Damn brotherman those Mephs are AWESOME!

(and about time you started posting again :D )