Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Something other than Alpha Forge

Don't get me wrong, I really dig Alpha Forge minis, but I felt like painting something different for a change. I had just picked up a bunch of these SPINESPUR miniatures recently. They are a bit demented (chainsaw wielding maniac, clown faced thong wearing brutalists, but it makes for fun painting.

Here is HACK, the first I have painted up.

I placed him on a base made by King and Kerr.
A UK based company that makes some pretty cool resin scenery. The pic is clickable to make it bigger. I also have a Pig mask wearing butcher and the above mention Clown Sadist that I am working on. Like I said, demented stuff.

Also, I plan on attending GENCON
Which, from what I understand is the countries biggest 'gaming' convention. The folks from WYRD Minatures and Alpha Forge, among many others, should be there, so it will be nice to put faces to online pseudonyms.

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javi said...

nice overall result! everything feels in its place. The sculpt 8overproportiones hands) looks very interesting, your paintjob does it justice, love the color choices.