Monday, May 21, 2007


Hiya....Moving right along, here are 4 of the 'Survivors' of the Zombie Nightmare range. These are urban survivors. I made a mini newspaper for the bum...the Headline reads THE DEAD WALK. I also sculpted a disposed Slurpee drink for the shopper, and have the Gangbanger with some police tape:

Click on it for a better look!

Also, here is a closeup of one of the zombies faces....I wish I could get a better pic. Maybe i need a better camera??

EEK! His eyeball plopped out.

Ok, until next time!!


Vincent said...

How did you do that newspaper?

javi said...

aww... aterrible week at my job keeped me far from posting anything.

I really like the gangsta survivor, from the bling bling to the skin tone. May I suggest freehand paintjob on the (chicago bulls)t-shirt? :)

The police line is a superb touch!

CyborgTrucker said...

You have some sweet stuff there! I'll be adding a link on my BLOGGER site to yours, your work is beautiful!