Monday, December 19, 2016

Works In Progress!

Merry Christmas Monster Hunters!

I'm desperately trying to get this little goodie built before my wife orders me out of the Dining room.  We're having Christmas Eve Dinner with our kids, who'll be coming home for Christmas, and I doubt they'll want to share space with this.

Please pass the salt, hey is that a Hind?

If you are familiar with the MHI books, you'll probably be able to guess what this will be (and who'll be flying it!)  If not, I think I'll just tease it here to say STAY TUNED!!  It's just such a cool addition to the Hunters arsenal.  It's a MI-24 Hind, the Russian workhorse Helicopter.  It's a 1/48th scale model by Revell (which works pretty nicely with 28mm minis)

I was able to score it seriously cheap off of Ebay (10 bucks!) so, it's well worth the investment in time to stick it all together.   I've not built a proper military model kit in probably 30 years, I forgot how fiddly they can be.  Still, actually kinda fun!

Also got a nice bunch of Hasslefree miniatures from their Halloween sale.

Metal for the Metal God.

I have specific plans for some, and they will represent the missing Characters I have from the MHI world. Others, I just got cuz they were cool, and I have the 'shiny new toy' syndrome that is so rampant in our hobby.  I'm supervike, and I have a problem.

Lots of prep work before they'll see paint, however.

Hopefully, 2017 will be a bit more productive on working on lessening the 'unpainted' pile.  My hobby room has been a shambles for some time (thus, me working on the Dining room table).  I am slowly redoing our Family room, so a lot of the furniture got pushed into the hobby room, making it an unusable mess.

I will definitely be revamping the entire hobby room as well, setting it up to more more productive, and less....tornado damage-ish.  Plus, I need to invest in a bunch of real lights, and get a proper lighting setup for both painting and photography.

Thanks for reading.  I'd love to hear comments, or suggestions!

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commissarmoody said...

That Hind is a great kit. I have one also.