Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A bit of a lull.

Ok, admittedly I haven't had anything new up in a while. I attended GENCON back in August, and I still haven't gotten settled down enough to work on anything, painting wise.

I have been working on some fiction, dabbling a bit making some gaming rules, and actually playing a game. My brother and I have been giving Tannhauser, a 'alt-WW 2' type board game, a real tryout. So far, we both really have been enjoying it. I've never been into the gaming aspect of the hobby, although it has always intrigued me, and its fun to see that you can do something else with miniatures other than just paint them! I think I've only actually won once, but it hasn't dampened my enthusiasm for it.

GENCON was an absolute blast. I really had no idea it would be so fun. Next time I go, I will plan on participating in more of the events there. This time was just to soak it all in. I did get to meet and hang out with the folks from Alpha Forge, and Wyrd, as well as meeting many of the real life avatars of some of the people I know from the various websites I haunt. So, other than possibly having to sell my extra kidney to pay for my credit card bill, it was worth it.

I've also dug out my pencils and started drawing. I am working on some Alpha Forge inspired art, and having a good time doing that too. I used to draw almost constantly years ago, but it was something I put on the back burner.

Pictures are worth a thousand words so next time I'll include those and not be so damn wordy!


javi said...

post some drawings or review tanhauser... I've been looking forward it and it's movement-line of sight colored circle stuff. Unfortunatedly, lately i've just been involved in card games like munchkin or light tabletop stuff like zombies.
will you paint tanhauser figures?

it came fromt he office.

mik said...

I'll second the 'Tannhauser Review' request!