Monday, March 19, 2007

Works in Progress...

I noticed I haven't really been using this site as a work in progress log of my hobby projects...just one that shows them once I have finished....So, here are a few works in progress..

I've been having zombies on the brain lately...Reading zombie novels (currently World War Z), watching movies with zombies, so naturally, Its time to do some zombie minis!

Firstly, I wanted a 'zombie horde'. When the miniatures are each put on a base, the base itself takes up lots of to make it more claustrophobic, I got the idea of putting several of these plastic minis on one base.

Obviously, there is plenty of work to do on these yet. I probably should have painted them first, but that is such a hassle to try and glue them on after painting. But, I managed to squeeze in 16 zombies on just 5 plastic bases....I think that helps with the HORDE look.

Also, I've been working on Alpha Forge's zombie line. Rod has come out with some really cool and unusual zombies, and a few zombie survivors as well...Here is a WIP of a few of them.

I've got lots of work to do with these yet too...but a few of them are nearing completion. I really like the looks of the farmer with his shovel...and the mutated guy I adorned with a high school lettermans jacket.

I even tried my hand at writing a serialized zombie story. I add a new installment every so often. It's at the Alpha Forge site if you'd care to take a gander. (its on the forum so, you can also see the responses I've had. It's bad enough I subject those folks to my ham-fisted painting, but now I make them read my hackneyed fiction as well....

Click on it to read it....LINK REDACTED BY NSA

I'll try and keep this more up to date from now on....

Notice I said try.


Vincent said...

I like seeing your zombies. You mentioned you were working on the same ones I'm working on.
I really need to post more current pics. We can support each others' zombie production.
Zombies aren't my thing and I'm painting them for a friend so I for one could use the support.

Vincent said...

So I've added to mine. Anything new here?

JAVI said...

Interesting zombie fleshtone... I hope to see them finished soon since lately I've been painting zombies too. May I suggest a pink/purple wash over the green? usually make 'em look more disturbing.

Ah, the joys of WIP posts... they keep painting blogs alive (sculpting/painting process usually takes too long so updates aren't as frequent as we'd like).

note: an EVIL DEAD film session should teach that hand how's in charge... well, maybe!

Seriously, It's matter of time; my mother got her both hands fixed many years ago and I wouldn't tell the difference (sure she does)