Saturday, July 29, 2006

I've Met the Deadline!

Sorry about not having many updates, but I was feverishly trying to finish this crew up for the Alpha Forge Salvage Run Contest. Here are the pics. First up is the shot of the entire crew, The Desert Rose Salvage Company. I believe all the pics are clickable if you want a bigger view.

Here is the Salvage Dog gun truck. I scratchbuilt a little plow for the front from cardboard and bits of plastic. I made it removeable as well....I also added a bed cover and an exhaust pipe I got from a matchbox car.

Here is the big Demo Bot...This was probably my favorite of the bunch to work on. I really wanted his coloring to be reminisant of a construction vehicle. His hands were like big digger claws, so I mae them rusty and scratched up. I also was attempting to make the light in his eye look like it was bleeping back and forth...
Here is a closeup of the scratchbuilt trailer I made. Its made of some plastic lid I found, and some spare parts from the models. I also made this removeable. All the 'gear' in the back of both the truck and trailer are removeable as well.
Lastly, here is a few shots of the truck and trailer steaming thier way to a salvage find...

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