Wednesday, September 30, 2020

It's beginning to look a lot like Fishmen...

I call this meeting of the Innsmouth Town Hall to order.

Fishfolk are a staple of HP Lovecrafts' The Shadow Over Innsmouth, and they are mentioned several times throughout the Monster Hunter International's story lines.  Originally, I had just a few of these fantastic little hybrids, but Crooked Dice has come out with plenty more, and they are just a blast to paint up.  

I really like the idea of a whole town of these folk, living anachronistically to the modern times, blissfully unaware and unwilling to meld with the modern world.  Have an intrepid adventurer pass through, and whamo, you have a whole fun gaming scenario.

The Honorable Mayor and Lady Remoloude

Acolyte Albacore and Father Chubb

Mr. Gorton, Capt. Mac Mackeral, and Beluga

The Pike family, Rock, Ma, Pa, and Gerald

The Original folk, Finn, Gil, Sticks, Mrs Gorton and Kermit.

 It's been recently brought to my attention that this 'faction' would work well in Dracula's America, a gaming system I am aware of but haven't paid too much attention to.  I've been checking it out, and it does look like a blast.  I realize I'm more of a painter than a gamer, and I'll most likely never play, but I love reading the fluff and flavor of the gaming books, and using it as inspiration to build units.

Hope you like them, they were certainly fun to work up.

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