Saturday, December 12, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Fishmen.

Something Fishy is going on here

 Deep ones, those aquatic Lovecraftian fishmen, are only briefly mentioned in Monster Hunter International.  They serve as the badguys in a mission previously mentioned with a SEaL team and a cruise ship.

Turns out that the Deep Ones aren't just interested in mindlessly attacking humans, they also prefer to lay their eggs inside a human host.  I'm assuming the outcome (other than the obvious madness) would be something like these guys.   These are Deep One Hybrids, the spawns of such an unholy union.

These minis come from Rattrap Games, except for the one to the far right, who comes from Black Cat Bases.


Mrs. Gorton


Eventually, I'll want to game with the Monster Hunter International setting, so, my plan is to use the Deep Ones/Hybrids/Etc as a faction looking to overtake a town, boat, or some area.

Here's a couple of other figs I've had painted for a while, that will fit into this faction:

Squid for the Squid God

The hooded one is from Fenris Games, and I think the other is from RAFM.

But, enough of the distant background characters, lets get to some of the main characters!!

Here's some works in Progress.

First up, heres where I am with the Owen Pitt character.  If you recall, I used a Heroclix pre painted Drax as my basis, and have been working on the body armor.  So far, I've added a bunch of pouches, ,a side arm, some hair, some MOLLE straps, and a little flashlight.  On he back, you can also see the drag strap on the armor.  I'll need to smooth out many of those areas, as they look pretty rough (especially in a blown up photo).  Sculpting is HARD!!  But, very very fun.  It's a very slow process as well.

Why the Hell am I still GREEN??

Eventually, he'll all be painted a primer color (especially to get rid of that green!), and painted properly (or as proper as I can do...)

Also started on several main guys from the Monster Control Bureau.

The Thing photobombs MCB
From left to right (if you ignore the Thing) The beginnings of Special Agents Myers, Franks, and Stark, representing some of the fine leadership of the secretive organization.  And since I can't quite decide on a great mini to represent the indomitable Agent Franks, I've chosen two.  Here's the Tombstone Heroclix I started on a few posts ago.
I'm not Tombstone anymore

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richard mcenroe said...

You need to find a tiny little melonballer for the Pitt figure. *g*